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On, you can organize and manage your own collections as well as your children’s. You can create wish lists and share them with your friends or family. Furthermore, you can invite friends and compare your collections.

Organize your collections:

You can keep your collections, or those of your children, up to date. Who doesn´t know the situation? You´re standing in a toyshop in front of the shelves, thinking: „Does my child already have this or not?” You end up buying something twice and at home,
you can´t even find the receipt anymore.
If your collection on is up to date, you have the possibility to quickly check if the bargain is really worth buying it or whether you just buy something twice.

At the moment, Skylanders, Disney Infinity and amiibo characters are available on our site, but we´re going to expand our range.
We´re happy to receive your suggestions.

Create wish lists:

Create wish lists for yourself or your children - for your birthday, for Christmas or as a future shopping list. Share the lists with your friends or family. organizes the wish lists and helps you to avoid buying something twice.


Invite friends and family. Share and view wish lists, swap double or less popular articles and compare your collections.

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