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LEGO Dimensions
There are actually 75 figure with 72 different skills.
We'll help you to find the correct figure with our LEGO Dimension Matrix.

The results of our Matrix are even better if you manage your collection with

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Choose a skill:
A-Team Master BuildAcrobatApparate AccessAtlantisBig Transform
BoomerangCharge TransferChiCracked LEGO ObjectsCursed RED Objects
Detective ModeDiffindoDigDiveDrill
DroneDrone MazesElectricityFantastical BriefcaseFix-It
FlyingFreeze BreathFuse Box AccessGhost TrapGrapple
GrindrailsGrowthGyrosphere SwitchHackingHazard Cleaner
Hazard ProtectionHeart RegenHigh Security AccessI aint gettin on no planeIllumination
IntelligenceInvulnerabilityLantern ConstructsLaserLaser Deflector
LEGO RainbowMagicMagical ShieldMagno GlovesMaster Builder
Mind ControlMini AccessParseltongue DoorsPole VaultPortal Gun
Raven PortalsRelic DetektorScan DisguiseSilver LEGO BlowupSlurp Access
Sonar SmashSpeedSpinjitsuStealthSuit Rip
Super StrengthSuper Strength HandlesSuspend GhostSword SwitchTarget
TechnologyTrackingVent AccessVent AccessVine Cut
Water SprayX-Ray Vision

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